Inventor's Corner

Arduino Microcontroller I imagine there’s an inventor’s corner At Whit’s End. It has bins filled with Arduino microcontrollers, LEDs, electric motors, and transistors.

Whit’s End is designed to encourage kids to create. Adventures in Odyssey, too, encourages kids to create. Many episodes inspire the audience to use their talents to serve God.

In my review of “Lights Out at Whit’s End,” I imagine an inventor’s corner alongside the theatre, Kid’s Radio studio, a video editing bay, and even crayons and paper in a corner. Listening to an episode of Odyssey is like opening another door At Whit’s End. Here are the times Odyssey inspired their audience to do more than listen and to create:

  • Video Editing Bay/Theatre (003: Lights Out at Whit’s End) - The kids have borrowed video equipment from the video editing bay to make a movie, but when the power goes out, production comes to a halt. Whit teaches them how to construct footlights and put on an old-fashioned play.

  • Theatre (035: V.B.S. Blues) - God can use you to reach others with drama. Anyone—even a teenager—can write and perform sketches for the church. Drama is a great way to exercise your God-given creativity.

  • Kid’s Radio Studio (036: Kid’s Radio): A couple of kids learn about a lot more than antique radio equipment when they get the old radio studio at Whit’s End up and running. They also learn about creativity and leadership.