Lack of All-ages Comics in the New 52


The New 52 As I’ve made clear, I think all-ages is different than family-friendly. My problem with DC’s new lineup is not the inclusion of content inappropriate for children. The exclusion of all-ages comics results in DC limiting the potential size of their audience, a strange thing to do when you’re in the business of selling comics.

DC (in a desperate publicity stunt or bold creative move depending on how you look at it) canceled all of their series including Detective Comics, which had been published non-stop since 1937 and is the longest continuously published comic book. I guess since reboots were working so well for superheroes in the movies, they decided to essentially reboot all their superheroes.

They announced they would consolidate all their superheroes into 52 ongoing series referred to as the New 52. Each series would start at issue #1. So Detective Comics that ended on issue #881 in August rebooted as issue #1 in September. The writers were free to reinvent the characters. No longer were they constrained by over 800 issues of continuity.

This is an attempt to get new readers into comics who might otherwise be intimidated by trying to pick up a series with issue #881. I’ve never been a comic book person; I’ve always been more into graphic novels. But since DC has publicized this so heavily, I decided to check out the first issue of a few of the series. I doubt I’ll even read the second issue of any of them.

So far I’ve read Justice League, Action Comics, Detective Comics, and Batgirl.

DC uses their own rating system:

  • E - Everyone
  • T - Teen (12+)
  • T+ - Teen Plus (16+)
  • M - Mature (18+)

None of the 52 new series DC launched in September are rated E. Most of them are rated T, and some of them are rated T+. The four I’ve read were all rated T, but I would argue all of them except Justice League should have been rated T+.

Since DC canceled all of their old series, that means they don’t have a single series for kids. That baffles me. If they want to attract new readers (as their stated purpose for this whole reboot is), you would think Adventures in Odyssey’s target demographic of 8-12 would be their primary target too.

Comic books were at the peak of their popularity in the 1940s and 50s, and during that time, they were thought of as almost solely for kids. You would think if you were trying to return comic books to their former popularity, kids would be the first demographic you would go after.

Especially since they have four series starring Batman (Detective Comics, Batman, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Dark Knight) and two series starring Superman (Action Comics and Superman), they could cater to several different audiences simultaneously. For example, Batman and Robin could be rated E, Batman could be rated T, Detective Comics could be rated T+, and Batman: The Dark Knight could be rated M.

What do you think? Have you read any of the New 52? What were your thoughts on them? Do you think DC would be more successful if they had more series for kids?


What type of material makes these new comics inappropriate for kids? Is it language, extreme violence, graphic immorality, or something else?


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Good write-up. I absolutely appreciate thiss website.
Stick with it!

I feel like if any other qb (other than Brady, ben, etc.) Had 31 TD and 7 int on the year they would be praised.

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