Know of Any Non-Christian Odyssey Fans?


I’m considering writing an article about using Adventures in Odyssey as an evangelistic tool, and I could use your help. Leave a comment or email me at

Do you know of any non-Christians who are fans of Adventures in Odyssey? Maybe you are a non-Christian who enjoys listening to Odyssey. Your input is welcome too.

Odyssey doesn’t try to disguise the fact that it’s a Christian program. What is it that draws non-Christian fans into the series? Do they enjoy the strong storytelling regardless of the message? Are they fans of radio drama and listen to Adventures in Odyssey because it is one of the only still-running radio dramas?


Check this link on the Odyssey Scoop and look for the post "The Intrigue of Adventures in Odyssey"

I am not a Christian, but I love Odyssey. However, I dislike verry much how Odyssey (and the Evangelical Christian community in general) portrays non-Christians.

I love Odyssey because it is like listening to old time radio. Since I am visually impaired, I don't watch television. The idea that you can slip into a small town, and a quaint little icecream shop, just by imagining it, is Awesome to me. And, here's the cool thing: Things like the imagination station, the room of consequence, the soda fountain, and the bible room will be different for all of Odyssey's listeners because we all get different "pictures" in our minds. I love it for that reason.

To the creators of Odyssey: Great job with the show. I love the imagry. Just please stop making the non-Christians on your show out to look like jerks who are always wrong, or otherwise converting them. We're not all evil, we're not all bad, and not all of us wish to harm or curupt childrens' minds.


But you are all bad. You have a sinful nature, and that's what Odyssey tries to show you, however masked it may be. We all sin and fall short of God's standard. We've all lied, stolen, looked with lust and hate, and we are all headed toward hell. But God loves us, so He sent Jesus to be the perfect substitute for the punishment we deserve. He lived a perfect life, but then was beaten, whipped, and nailed to a cross, where He suffered and died under the weight of the punishment for our sins. He knew we would sin, but He died for us anyway! And then He rose from the grave to finish the work and prove His Lordship and victory over death. There is no way to heaven without Him! He is the only way! We are all bad, but those who turn from their sins and trust in the sacrifice of Jesus will have His righteousness credited to their account, and God will let them into heaven--not because of our works, but because of Jesus' work.

Ladies and Gentleme,

The comment above mine is, in fact, typical evangelical Christian fair -- your a non-Christian, you're going to hell, but God loves you, and we do too.

@Christian A. I realize this is not a debate forum, so I'll just say this. I used to be a born again, so I know how you and your ilk behave towards non-Christians like myself. It's not pretty. Since this is not a religion debate board, Christian A, I'll just say that I would be happy to talk to you, or debate you, any time, almost any venue.

Now, to put this back on track: I'm not talking about whether non-Christians are bad or good. I'm angry with the way Odyssey, as a representation of Evangelical Christians, treats non-Christians. Would you like evidence from Odyssey to back this up? Of course you would.

The verry first example that comes to mind is the episode Woeing Wootin. In this particular episode Wootin (I'm a terible speller, please forgive me) meets Victoria, who is not a Christian. They form a fast friendship. But then, Wootin asks if Victoria is a Christian. Once she replies no, not only does Wootin not date her, he breaks off the friendship completely. Now, I know Christianity states that you can't date non-Christians, I get it. But you mean to tell me that Wootin couldn't even keep the friendship going? Nice going Wootin, good way to show how Jesus loves us -- cuzz I'm sure that's what Jesus would do -- "Hey, if you don't follow me, I'll just ditch you -- I don't love you anymore." Yet God and Jesus love everyone. So, because Wootin broke off the friendship, Victoria won't be able to see by example how Christians show God's love, becuase Wootin shure as heck didn't show God's love to Victoria that day.

Next example: Poor Aubrey Shepard Now here's a girl who's parents made consious decisions to become Christians. Fine. However, Aubrey isn't OK with that because she, at the beginning of her journey, doesn't believe in God. So, not only do Ben and Ellen force Aubrey to live a Christian life on some retreat she doesn't want to live, constantly surrounded by people who don't beleive what she does -- and, she probably feels outnumbered, but she is poked and proded at every turn to become a Christian. Of most memory to me is the 2 part episode when Aubrey meets John the Baptist. In the beginning of the episode, the parents basically say: "Aubrey. We don't like this play; it doesn't meet our Christianity, so you won't be in the play, and forget your own personal beliefs; you will follow our convictions whether you like it or not." Aubrey is portrayed as being bad, disobedient, and wrong just becuase she doesn't hold her Ch parents Christian views. And, yes, while Aubrey's decision was purely her own, she was only able to make that decision by events that began by getting away from those parents of hers. And why? Because her over protective parents, who want to quash Aubrey's bad ideas, didn't have the sence to back off, and let Aubrey find her own way to God. Again, Christians good, non-Christians bad.

And, oh, here's this little refference from Tamika Washington. In the episode Sunday Morning Scramble, when Tamika is calling her friends, Tamika says: "They're all going to their own churches. Why do all my friends have to be Christians?" Why, Tamika? I'll tell ya why! Probably because your parents won't let you hang out with non-Christians, probably because, no matter how good they are, they're still a bad influence because they don't know the lord. After all, that's how real evangelical parents raise they're kids, and since Odyssey is an Evangelical show, it's only natural that it reflects that "reality." Don't believe that's a real reflection of Christian values from an evangelical standpoint? OK. Let me ask the Christians reading this little exercise a question: How many non-Christian friends do you have?

And one more thing! Why, except Aubrey, are all the kids on that show Christians? I mean, think about it: Jimmy, Donna, Kurt, Lucy, Mandy, Trent, Laurence, Lizz, Mandy, the parkers, the Washingtons, the Jones', Jenny, the Jacobs... all Christians. This re-enforces my arguement that non-Christians are portrayed as bad on the show. If they weren't, you'd see Jimmy or Donna, or some other beloved cheracter, saying to Whit: "MR. Witiker. This is (insert name here.) He/she doesn't know the lord, but we are still friends because I want to be their friend because that's what Jesus would do."

OK. I know that's a lot of ranting, but the point is this. If focus were smart, they'd write in a cheracter who is not a Christian, introduce him/her to, say, one of the Parkers, and this non-Christian cheracter would be treated like a friends, and a person, because, that's what they are -- a person, aparently made in God's image. Instead of saving their souls, be a friend first. That applies to Odyssey, as well as to all you Evangelical Christians.

There are many more examples of non-Christian bad portrayal in Odyssey, but I've ranted long enough. If you If anyone wishes to discuss this further, or send me hatemail, I'm open to that.

@Matthew: Sorry about ruining your blog. This is a rant I've been wanting to write for years, and Christian A's typical response compelled me to write this.

--The Radio Kid

I enjoyed reading that, Radio Kid. Thanks for that. You didn't ruin my day. I wish I could respond to you via email, but I don't have one. I guess you'll have to live in unbelief.

I'm not going to try to argue or anything but I just wanted to clarify some things. Because of the situation I think that Wooten was wise in breaking up with Victoria completely. He was attracted to her and she to him and he probably did not want to lead her on in any way.
And while on the subject of Wooten, you mentioned a lack of friendships with non-believers. I think that Wooten and Grady's friendship is a good example of what you were looking for. Grady was a very realistic character with very real questions and issues with Christianity,and I think that Wooten was good for him in his journey. I won't write all of this down but while still on the subject of Wooten I would like you to consider his relationship with his niece.
I'm also reminded of the friendship between Curt and Lucy. I'm not sure if it was ever mentioned whether Curt was a Christian or not but he definitely did not come from a good home and would not be considered as a good companion by many parents for their kids.
Butch and Sam's friendship also come to mind.
You also mentioned that there weren't many "good" non-Christians. Katrina, Eugene, Mrs. McKay, Samantha, Edwin, Shakespeare, Connie, and Leonard came to mind as counterexamples. Many of these characters did become Christians later on in the show but they weren't introduced as "bad." Not to mention the Christians on the show who do bad things.

Thank you, BC. That's mostly what I wanted to say, but I didn't have time to say it.

The Radio Kid, I believe Christian A. misspoke. When he said that "you are evil", he meant human kind and not you specifically or non-Christians like yourself. Also, I believe Christian A's comment "I guess you'll have to live in unbelief" was a little out of line. I just hope God will show himself to you.

I just wanted to also point out Kelly. Kelly was portrayed as a sweet girl who played the piano and seemed to be really nice, but was kicked out of the house by her drunken mother, and lived in the park. She wasn't exactly a "good" non-Christian, but you could sympathize with her.

Radio Kid, what's the problem with sharing the gospel with non-Christians on a show meant to share the gospel? Now, just as you don't like people having assumptions about all non-Christians, please don't assume that all Christians behave a certain way to non-Christians. That is a big problem with some of us today, and believe me, none of us are perfect. I'm sorry that people have treated you this way before, and I'm praying that God can show His love to you through whatever it takes. God bless you! Keep listening to Odyssey!

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